WAS Warsaw Airport Services Sp. z o. o.


General Information

Warsaw Airport Services (WAS) is a handling company providing services to air carriers operating at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport and Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport. WAS provide airport informations and call center at John Paul II International Airport Kraków - Balice.

WAS is a member of IATA Ground Handling Council.
The company is in possession of all the required certificates and necessary qualifications, crucial for rendering handling services. The Company’s history is not a very long one however since its origins WAS has been focused on the impeccable quality of ground services, safety and security issues as well as the satisfaction of airlines and their customers.
Since its foundation the Company has been constantly and systematically enhancing its offer in order to make it versatile and highly attractive for its customers.
Within the scope of basic services delivered by WAS are:
  • Ground Handling services for passengers and their luggage
  • Ground handling services for aircrafts
  • Flight co-ordination services
  • De-icing services
  • Airport information services
  • General Aviation services
We constantly strive to be perceived by our customers as professionals who are helpful, devoted and involved into our daily performance. In order to achieve this we provide our personnel with series of sophisticated and professional trainings which cover the issues of safety and security, passenger and aircraft services and line maintenance.
Modern and professional equipment as well as IT solutions offer support in daily operations to the well trained personnel to ensure a high level of efficiency, reliability and precision while aircraft is on the ground.
In 2008 the Company served 30 airlines, delivered handling services to 1,8 million passengers and served 15 993 flight operations. Currently for Warsaw Airport Services work 480 employees.
The Best Quality of Services